Ideas, Activities

English Badge Ideas

Innovator BadgeInnovator BadgeGlobal Citizens BadgeGlobal Citizens BadgeActivism BadgeActivism BadgeGrowth Mindset BadgeGrowth Mindset BadgeChoosing the Appropriate Conjunctions BadgeBuilding Compound and Complex Sentences BadgeActive and Passive Voice BadgeMLA Citation I BadgeEmbedding Quotations BadgeParallel Structure BadgeMisplaced and Dangling Modifiers BadgeAppositive Phrases BadgePhrases and Dependent Clauses Badge5 Commonly Confused Words Badge4 Commonly Confused Words Badge3 Commonly Confused Words Badge2 Commonly Confused Words BadgeCommonly Confused Words I BadgeLists BadgeRestrictive and Nonrestrictive Clauses BadgePunctuation with Conjunctions_ All BadgeHyphens BadgeContractions BadgeConnecting Clauses with Colons and Semicolons BadgeCommas for Formatting BadgeCommas for Clarity BadgeCapitalizing and Formatting Titles Badge2 Rules of Capitalization BadgeRules of Capitalization I BadgeII Subject-Verb Agreement BadgeSubject-Verb Agreement I BadgeIdentifying Sentences and Fragments BadgeComponents of a Sentence II BadgeComponents of a Sentence I BadgeIdentifying Subjects and Verbs BadgePrepositional Phrases BadgeComparative vs. Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs BadgeAdjectives vs. Adverbs BadgeArticles BadgeAdjectives BadgeVerb Tenses II_ Perfect and Progressive Tenses BadgeVerb Tenses 1_ Simple Tenses BadgeVague Pronouns BadgePronoun-Antecedent Agreement BadgePronoun Case BadgeSingular vs. Possessives BadgePlural vs. Possessive Nouns Badge3 Identifying Parts of Speech Badge2 Identifying Parts of Speech Badge1 Identifying Parts of Speech BadgeSurvivor BadgeSurvivor Badge


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