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I just stumbled upon the #ObserveMe post here: And have made my own sign here I can’t wait to post!

The idea is that observations, which has been turned into a dreaded event, are made into an opportunity for P2P collaboration. Teachers are invited to observe other teachers’ lessons. They can also provide links or be given rubrics for feedback after the observation.


The form focuses on questions that allow for positive and constructive feedback based on my goals.


Are you into it? Share your experiences!  #ObserveMe on Twitter!


2 thoughts on “#ObserveMe

  1. Great stuff. Consider the different between phrasing a feedback goal as: “How I ensure every student’s voice is heard.” vs. “How can I better ensure every student’s voice is heard?”

    The first one is more likely to get you feedback like, “Great job! Kids are talking.” where the second one is likely to get you more actionable feedback.

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